Kane, Colleen
Director, Student Support Services
Urban Campus - Two Rivers Building
Phone: 859-442-1614
Fax: 859-442-1622

Karlage, Martha
Assistant Regional Director of Adult Education 
Boone Campus, Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM)
Phone: 859-282-4629
Fax: 859-282-2559

Keene, Kylie  
HPOG Case Manager
Urban Campus - Two Rivers Building 
Phone: 859-815-7788
Fax: 859-442-1622

Keller, Jack
Special Assistant to the President
Urban Campus  - Two Rivers Building 
Phone: 859-442-1137
Fax: 859-442-1622

Kessinger, Abigail 
Coordinator, Allied Health Resource Center, Health Profession Opportunity Grant (HPOG)
Edgewood Campus NAHSC 
Phone: 859-442-4117
Fax: 8593416859

Kraczek, Lawrence 
IT Specialist and Network Administrator
Boone Campus CAM
Phone: 859-442-1716
Fax: 859-292-6415

Krentz, Shelby
Director of Early College Initiative 
Edgewood Campus SSC
Phone: 859-815-7648
Fax: 859-341-6859