Dropping and Adding Classes

If you find it necessary to drop a class (including withdrawal from school), you must use a Drop Form. Failure to do so will result in an “E” (failing) grade for the course(s) in question.

Students should drop classes online by completely filling out the online drop form.

  1. Provide name and KCTCS student ID number (or birthdate).
  2. Provide KCTCS email address.
  3. Select “Drop Request” from the drop down menu under “Form Type”.
  4. Under “Drop Information”, provide the five digit class number (four digit number for summer) and the catalog number for each class being dropped. (For example, 1234 ENG 101) Also, indicate if the request is to drop all classes and why the classes are being dropped.
  5. Answer the final question.
  6. Hit the “Submit” button.

Starting fall 2012, all drop requests must have permission from the student’s advisor and Financial Aid before they will be processed. If the student is dropping all classes, permission from someone on the Student Affairs Leadership Team will be required as well. Emails from these people should be sent togw-studentrecords@kctcs.edu. No drop request will be processed without these permissions.

Dropping After Mid-term 
After mid-term of each session, students must have permission from their instructor(s) to drop classes unless they are dropping ALL their classes for the semester. Email permission is acceptable and should be sent by the instructor to gw-studentrecords@kctcs.edu. Check the academic calendar for these dates.

Adding Classes
Students who have self-enrollment access are permitted to add classes during the add period of each session. Students who do not have self-enrollment access will need to see their advisor. Check the academic calendar for these dates. After the add period, division chair approval is required to add a class.

Online Classes
Classes taken online through another KCTCS college may not be on the same academic calendar as Gateway. Students will need to check with these schools before dropping or adding a class.