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Welcome to Gateway2NKU!

Gateway2NKU program is a dual enrollment partnership between Gateway Community & Technical College and Northern Kentucky University. The program is designed for Gateway students who intend to complete an associate degree at Gateway and then transfer to NKU for a bachelor’s degree.

More information about the program can be found below.

Gateway2NKU Program Application

Academic Pathways and Completion Guides



What are the benefits of enrolling in the program?

There are many benefits to the program:
  • Students are eligible to take up to 12 credit hours (four courses) of major and pre-major coursework at NKU while pursuing their associate’s degree at Gateway. Students pay Gateway’s tuition rate for those NKU classes.
  • Students will be assigned a transfer advisor from NKU to assist with registration and provide personalized academic advising before transferring.
  • Students are guaranteed admission to NKU upon completion of their associate’s degree with all general education requirements fulfilled.
  • Students receive priority registration at NKU when enrolling in their NKU classes.
  • Students can apply to live in NKU residence halls, park on NKU’s campus at a reduced rate, attend sporting events and other student activities for free, participate in intramurals and Greek life, and access student health services. (There are fees for some services.)
  • Students’ application and transcript fees are waived at the time of transfer application. Students will be admitted to NKU with Junior standing.

What do I do when I’m ready to graduate from Gateway with my associate degree?

A student will notify the Transfer Center at Gateway when they apply to graduate. A transcript will be sent at no cost from Gateway to NKU for admissions processing. A student will need to request a final transcript from Gateway once they receive their final grades from Gateway.

How do I get more information about the Gateway2NKU program?

For questions about enrolling in the program, contact the Gateway Transfer Center at or 859-815-7681. For information at NKU services and advising, contact the NKU Transfer Services Office at 859-572-5220.

What are the eligibility requirements for participating in the program?

A student in the Gateway2NKU program must be enrolled at least part-time (6 hours) each semester at Gateway (summers excluded) and remain in good academic standing – which means maintaining a minimum 2.0 GPA. A student whose GPA is below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters will be removed from the program. A student can appeal for reinstatement once their GPA rises above a 2.0.  Students also must select one of the “Academic Pathways” to a bachelor’s degree – undecided students are not eligible to participate in the Gateway2NKU program.

How do I apply for the Gateway2NKU program?

Applications are available in the Gateway Transfer Center. A student completes the application and returns it to the Gateway Transfer Center. Once a student’s application is verified, NKU will send the student information about orientation, advising, services, etc.  Students will then attend an Orientation on NKU’s campus to receive further instructions. Deadlines for benefits eligibility at NKU:

  • Fall Semester eligibility: application due by August 1.
  • Spring Semester eligibility: application due by December 1.
  • Summer term eligibility: application due by May 1.

What are the costs of participating in the program?

There is no cost to apply or participate in the program. Some services at NKU, such as student health and parking, require an additional fee.

How do I get academic advising in the Gateway2NKU program?

Students will have access to their regular Gateway academic advisor as normal. An NKU advisor will be assigned to the student at Orientation.

How do I register for courses at NKU?

Students must have contact with their NKU advisor before they register for a course. A Gateway2NKU student is eligible to take their first course at NKU after earning 15 credit hours at Gateway. The student is eligible to take a second class after earning 30 credit hours and up to two more after earning 45 credit hours. The NKU transfer advisor must approve the registration and will assist the student with the process. Students may not take courses at NKU if the equivalent course is being offered at Gateway during that term.

How do I pay for my classes at NKU and/or use my financial aid?

When a Gateway2NKU student takes a class at NKU, they will receive two bills for that semester – one from Gateway and one from NKU. The NKU class will be billed at the current Gateway tuition rate. Students receiving financial aid must complete a Financial Aid Consortium Form, available in the Gateway Financial Aid Office or at this link, when they plan to take a course at NKU.

Please note: Students will pay Gateway rates for their NKU pathway courses. The bill for the NKU class will initially show NKU rates but will be modified to the current Gateway tuition rate once the student’s financial aid is received. For questions about billing of NKU courses, please contact the NKU Transfer Center at 859-572-5547 or

Can I take courses at NKU without participating in the Gateway2NKU program?

Yes, courses may be taken through the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities ( – however, students taking classes solely through the Consortium will not be able to access NKU student services.

How do I get my credits from my NKU courses to appear on my Gateway transcript?

Students must request an official copy of their NKU transcript be sent to the registrar’s office at Gateway to receive credit for their NKU courses. There is a $7 fee for an official transcript.

Information is available here: