Proctored Testing

Many courses delivered via web or internet require proctored essays or exams. We offer proctored services to all distance learning students.  All proctoring is scheduled at the Boone Campus in the Assessment Center from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or one Saturday per month.

KCTCS Students taking proctored tests…

 All proctored exams for KCTCS Distance Learning and KCTCS Online students must be scheduled in advance through the Gateway Web page using Registerblast. After you schedule your exam, you must check with your professor to make sure he/she has filed the test information in the KCTCS Distant Learning Portal.

Step 1. Select the link below Schedule a Test. This takes you into Registerblast.
Step 2. Click on the arrow of the type test you need.
Step 3. Add to Cart for either a paper test, or computer-based test.
Step 4. In the date box, select the date/time you wish to schedule and take the test.
Step 5. Under the date box, either Add exam and continue cart or, Add exam and choose
another exam.
Step 6. Now you must log in. Create an ID for your User Name, and create one for your
password to use just for Registerblast (different from your KCTCS password). 

First time users will need to set up login or account information.

On Exam Day: Bring a non-expired photo ID with you. You must also know your instructor’s name, and the name of the course and course number of the test you will be taking
(example: Mick Jagger, ENG 101) 

Non-KCTCS Students taking proctored tests

All proctored exams for Non-KCTCS testers must be scheduled in advance through the Gateway Web page using Registerblast. There is a $28 fee per test that you will need to pay online using a credit/debit card. Follow steps 1-6 above to get started and register for your test. After you register, you will need to contact your instructor and have him/her email all test information and instructions to

Problems: Contact Patti Carter 859-442-4102; or

Assessment Center Location:
Gateway Community & Technical College, Center for Advanced Manufacturing building, 500 Technology Way, Florence, KY. 41042