Computer-based GED Test

I am a First-Time GED Test Taker

Have you passed all of your Official Practice Tests and been certified as test-ready by your local adult education program? Will this be your first time taking the official GED? If yes to both, you now have the option to take the Official GED test at the Boone Campus of Gateway Community and Technical College.

I am between the ages of 6-18

If you are a test taker in the age group of 16-18, attached is the new Documentation of Withdrawal from School form to be used for the computer-based testing. This withdrawal form MUST be accompanied by the GED Testing Application form (KYAE 6) that must be signed by your local adult education Program Director. The forms and directions about how to do this are included in the online application at for test-takers aged 16,17 or 18.

What if I already started the official GED test on paper?

Right now the computer-based test is only available for first-time testers. At this time, it is not possible to combine test scores taken on the computer with previous scores from the paper version of the test. If you begin the test on computer, you must finish it on the computer. If you began on paper, you must finish on the paper version of the test.

When can I take the computer-based GED?

The Official GED Testing Center at the Boone Campus of Gateway Community and Technical College offers the GED test on computer five days a week and on some Saturdays.

What is the benefit of taking the computer-based GED?

Once you have been certified to take the Official GED by your local adult education program, you will have more opportunities to pass the test. You are permitted to test up to 6 times per year on the computer-based test compared to 3 times on the paper version of the test.

What does this cost?

Testing on the computer costs $120 for a full test. If retesting is necessary, it will cost $24 per subject.

How Do I prepare?

Preparation for the GED test is done at your local adult education program. If you decide to take the GED on computer, you can view a tutorial about computer testing at

How do I register and schedule my test?

If you are interested in taking the computer-based GED, you will need to register yourself through Pearson Vue at or by calling 1-877-392-6433 ( 1-877-exam-GED). You will need a credit card in order to submit the payment in the amount of $120 for the entire test or $24 per subtest. If someone else is paying your test fees, vouchers for testing fees may be purchased at Http://

Below are the directions for registering and scheduling the CBT GED test (once you have been approved by your local adult education program)

How to Register for the Computer-based GED Test
Directions to the Boone Campus 
Assessment Center