Diesel Technology

Are you a fan of the big rigs? Do you like solving problems and working with your hands? Are you interested in math, science and electronic diagnostics? Becoming a diesel mechanic may be a satisfying career for you! Students learn to operate and repair diesel engines, fuel injection systems, onboard computers, and transmission, steering, suspension and brake systems.

Career Opportunities

Diesel mechanics work in truck dealerships, for trucking companies, or for other businesses that operate large truck fleets.

Wage/Salary Information

Go to www.salary.com and search by job title and zip code for current wage information.

Program Home Campus

Covington; general education classes may be offered at other campuses

Entry time

Fall or spring terms


Certificates and diploma. An associate in applied science degree is available through the General Occupational and Technical Studies program. Go to the KCTCS Catalog for details on the GOTS program.

Program Length

(After any developmental needs are met and if enrolled in 12 to 15 credit hours per semester)

• Certificate: Varies from one to two semesters by certificate
• Diploma: Two years
• Associate degree: Two years

A student must receive a grade of “C” or better to receive credit for successful completion of courses in the diesel technology curriculum.

Advising Sheet (PDF) 

Credential Requirements


  • Mobile Air Conditioning Mechanic
  • Electrical/Electronics Systems Mechanic
  • Diesel Engine Mechanic
  • Preventive Maintenance Mechanic

*Students who meet credential requirements through articulated credit but who do not meet certificate residency requirements may substitute general education or technical coursework taken at the home college in order to meet credential residency requirements.

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