Nursing Student Resource Center

Nursing Student and Pre-Nursing Student Resource Center

Struggling with Nursing classes? Questions about the Nursing program?

The Nursing Student Resource Center can help!

Nursing instructors can assist you in many different ways to improve your success as a student.

Services For Current Nursing Students: 

  • Group study sessions
  • Workshops on nursing topics
  • Extensive reference collection
  • Learning assessment services
  • Career and employment resources
  • Dedicated Blackboard site (Under eCommunity tab: Gateway Current Nursing Students)

Services For Pre-Nursing Students:

  • Advising, group and individual
  • Pre-Nursing student Blackboard site

Instructions for Pre-Nursing Blackboard Site

  1. Log onto Blackboard
  2. Click on the eCommunity tab at the top left
  3. Go to organization catalog
  4. Click on “Browse organization catalog”
  5. Search under “Name” “contains” “Pre-nursing” Click on “submit”
  6. Choose “enroll” option, click on “submit”
  7. You should then see Gateway Pre-Nursing Students listed under “My Organizations Plus”
  8. Browse through the site for information about the nursing program.
You can leave general questions on the Discussion Board, but if you have specific questions about your situation please contact your advisor or any nursing faculty member.

Location and Contact Information
Edgewood Campus
Location: Edgewood room 213

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