Important Notice

‚ÄčThe Mid-Town Parking Garage next to our Two Rivers building has been full on and off today. If the Mid-Town Parking Garage is full when you arrive on campus please park in the Center City Garage located at 24 East 7th Street. If you park in the Center City Garage please see Security in the Two Rivers building for ticket validation.
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Gallagher, Richard
Library Specialist
Edgewood Campus SSC
Phone: 859-442-1683
Fax: 859-341-6859

Goodman, Dr. Patricia
Vice President, Knowledge Management and Strategic Initiatives
Boone Campus, Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM)
Phone: 859-442-1173 
Fax: 859-815-7611

Graves, Mallis 
Associate Dean for Student Development & Retention
Urban Campus -Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE)
Phone: 859-442-1608
Fax: 859-442-1622

Greely, Andrew 
IT Supervisor
Boone Campus CAM
Phone: 859-442-1627
Fax: 859-815-7612

Green, Kristie
Covington Campus
Phone: 859-815-7251
Fax: 859-292-6415

Green, Monica
Campus Assistant, Admissions Edgewood
Edgewood Campus, SSC
Phone: 859-442-4138
Fax: 859-442-1107

Grooms, Chad
Assistant Professor 
Urban Campus - Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE)  
Phone: 859-442-1128
Fax: 859-442-1622