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Advanced Manufacturing

You may have heard of the importance of “STEM education” and “STEM jobs.” STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Gateway Community and Technical College offers STEM Days, which provide an opportunity for high school students in Northern Kentucky to learn about advanced manufacturing majors, dual credit at Gateway, and advanced manufacturing career pathways. The program targets 9th and 10th grade students.

Did you know?
Northern Kentucky has over 70 advanced manufacturing companies, many of which are in need of skilled workers. Many of the available jobs require less education than a four-year degree but more education than a high school diploma. Second, high school students can begin taking classes in any of the six advanced manufacturing majors at Gateway as dual credit. Dual credit simply means students can take college courses before graduating from high school. This allows them to stay on target for their high school graduation while still earning a college credential.

From an industry point of view, the STEM Day is an opportunity to begin building the pipeline of skilled workers ready to work in a high tech manufacturing facility. The Northern Kentucky Industrial Partnership (NKIP) sponsored a study to identify the number and type of manufacturing jobs available now and in the next 10 years. This 2012 report, the Manufacturing Workforce Needs and Pipeline Assessment, states that over 6,000 jobs will need to be filled in the manufacturing sector of Northern Kentucky.

What happens during a STEM day?
The STEM Day consists of several parts. After arriving at the Gateway Boone Campus, Center for Advanced Manufacturing building, students hear a short overview of STEM careers in the advanced manufacturing sector, job forecasts in this area, and information about post-secondary education options. In addition, Gateway faculty and students provide career exploration demonstrations. The high school students rotate through four of the six advanced manufacturing majors by visiting the respective labs staffed by faculty and students. Manufacturing majors include computerized manufacturing and machining, industrial maintenance, welding, computer assisted drafting and design, manufacturing engineering technology, and electrical technology. STEM Day participants then visit a local manufacturer who provides them with lunch. While eating, students learn about that particular company, its job opportunities and its expectations of employees. After lunch, the students tour the company and have the opportunity to be on the manufacturing floor where they observe high-tech processes. At the end of the tour, students have another chance for questions and conversation with manufacturer tour guides and others.

How do I attend a STEM day?
Contact Michelle Flick at michelle.flick@kctcs.edu to learn more.


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